Here are 10 quick tips to add more value to your home’s exterior and help you sell your home faster.

1. Refresh the exterior of your home
The exterior of your home makes the first impression. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can enhance its exterior appearance. Consider pressure-washing your driveway and painting the eaves to enhance kerb appeal.

2. Revamp your outdoor dining and entertainment areas
In summer, your patio and lawn become the place to be when entertaining friends and family. Ensure these areas look welcoming with well-kept furniture and fresh cushions in bright summer colours.

3. Upgrade windows and doors
Upgrades that create lifetime value are a major selling point. Windows and doors fall into this category and are upgrades that are well worth your investment.

4. Outdoor amenities
One of the major attractions of a home is its outdoor amenities. Whether it’s a sparkling pool or fire pit, these attractions should be highlighted to show your home’s outdoor value. Get your pool professionally cleaned and ensure all areas are clean and repaired.

5. Update your home’s landscaping
A variety of shrubbery, blooming annuals and perennials are beautiful ways to add value to your home’s appearance. Hardscapes, such as pavers and mulch, are ideal. A creative mix of landscaping materials will provide variety to the eye and texture to your outdoor home.

6. Add seasonal colours to perk up any home’s exterior
An important part of selling your home and adding value to your asking price is creating the feeling of the ideal home. Consider painting lawn furniture, your mailbox and even the front door to bring an eye-catching appearance to potential homebuyers.

7. Replace house numbers and front door hardware
Modernise your front entry by replacing your house number and changing your hardware. There is nothing more welcoming than a fresh coat of paint or varnish and a new set of handles. A new lighting fixture will complete your front entry makeover.

8. Use eco-friendly features to add value
Many prospective homebuyers place a high value on eco-friendly home features. Upgrade your home with amenities such as a green roof with vegetation or a drainage system to capture rainwater for landscape watering.

9. Light your home’s exterior and landscaping
One of the areas homeowners often forget is lighting. Whether for safety, ambience or security, outdoor lighting is essential for increasing nighttime appeal. Use architectural lighting to show off the features of your home, as well as landscape lighting for your surrounding grounds and walkways.

10. Stand in the street and look back at your home
You might think that increasing value always means a monetary upgrade. However, adding value can be as simple as picking up debris from last week’s storm. Remember that homebuyers want to imagine themselves in your home from the moment they arrive. Remove any potential signs of clutter or neglect.